Interconnected is a boutique creative agency based in Los Angeles, California. We believe all our stories are interconnected, and we love to help connect the stories we tell with impact.

Interconnected has provided creative production, development, creative team-building, story-telling and strategic services for a broad range of brands and non-profits, creating viral videos and digital campaigns that have generated millions of views and billions of impressions. 

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Interconnected works with talent around the world, led by a core team of creative friends and family we love to collaborate with.

Writer/Director Nirvan on set of  COP22 Video  with Jack Black and Lil Bub.

Writer/Director Nirvan on set of COP22 Video with Jack Black and Lil Bub.


Nirvan is an award-winning filmmaker, speaker, and creative digital strategist working at the intersection of story-telling and social impact. Nirvan has directed multiple viral campaigns that have trended world-wide, from Caine’s Arcade and Imagination.org to the UN Foundation’s #EarthToParis campaign and the grassroots #ClimateUprising movement. Nirvan’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Nes Yorker, NBC, ABC, CBS, Christian Science Monitor, has films in MoMA’s permanent collection, and speaks worldwide to companies, educators, and non-profits about creativity, story telling and social impact. Nirvan received an MFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts and a BA in Philosophy and Fine Arts from New College of Florida. He co-founded Interconnected in 2011 with his friend Harley Cross.



Dream Mullick is a Producer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Interconnected Family (Nirvan’s sister). Dream worked as the Director of Development and Partnerships on the UN Foundation’s #EarthToParis Campaign, helping to build a broad coalition of partners from Facebook to 350.org. Dream has been producing with Interconnected since 2014, and has a BA in Business from University of Mexico. Dream is co-producing Prescription X: The Rick Doblin Story in addition to various commercial work and branded content.