Creative Services

Interconnected offers a variety of creative services, from media production to copy-writing, creative consulting, digital media-strategy, as well as speaking and creative team building productions for corporate and special events. Interconnected has provided services to a broad range of partners, including GOOD, UN Foundation, Imagination Foundation, and HBO/Mosaic. Working with our creative director, Nirvan Mullick and our growing family of collaborators, Interconnected can put the pieces together to bring any sized project to life. 


We create content strong in story, often connected with social impact and movement building, whether a global climate campaign like #EarthToParis of a local story that can spark global impact, like Caine's Arcade and Imagination.org.


We provide digital media strategy and creative consulting for select brands and non-profits.


We produce a cardboard creativity team building activity that has become a popular offering as a breakout activity for special events, educators, and families. The activity often accompanies a keynote talk given by Nirvan Mullick, but has also served as a stand alone activity. We've produced creative cardboard break-out sessions for thousands of CEOS, educators, designers, retailers, families and kids, from Google and Summit Series to the Smithsonian Arts and Craft Museum. Find out more about Nirvan Speaking and Creative Team Building.